Motile cilia of human airway epithelia are chemosensory.

  title={Motile cilia of human airway epithelia are chemosensory.},
  author={Alok S Shah and Yehuda Ben-Shahar and Thomas O. Moninger and J. Nathan Kline and Michael J. Welsh},
  volume={325 5944},
Cilia are microscopic projections that extend from eukaryotic cells. There are two general types of cilia; primary cilia serve as sensory organelles, whereas motile cilia exert mechanical force. The motile cilia emerging from human airway epithelial cells propel harmful inhaled material out of the lung. We found that these cells express sensory bitter taste receptors, which localized on motile cilia. Bitter compounds increased the intracellular calcium ion concentration and stimulated ciliary… CONTINUE READING
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