Motif mimetic of epsin perturbs tumor growth and metastasis.

  title={Motif mimetic of epsin perturbs tumor growth and metastasis.},
  author={Yunzhou Dong and Hao Wu and Habibunnabi Ashiqur Rahman and Yanjun Liu and Satish Pasula and Kandice L. Tessneer and Xiaofeng G. Cai and Xiaolei Liu and Baojun Chang and John McManus and Scott Hahn and Jiali Dong and Megan L. Brophy and Lili Yu and Kai Song and Robert Silasi-Mansat and Debra G Saunders and Charity E Njoku and Hoogeun Song and Padmaja Mehta-D'souza and Rheal A Towner and Florea Lupu and Rodger P McEver and Lijun Xia and Derek Boerboom and Ramakrishnan S. Srinivasan and Hong Chen},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={126 4},
Tumor angiogenesis is critical for cancer progression. In multiple murine models, endothelium-specific epsin deficiency abrogates tumor progression by shifting the balance of VEGFR2 signaling toward uncontrolled tumor angiogenesis, resulting in dysfunctional tumor vasculature. Here, we designed a tumor endothelium-targeting chimeric peptide (UPI) for the… CONTINUE READING

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