Mothers Grimm and Other House

  • Published 2006


Mothers Grimm and Other House Held Tales is a body of work that uses fairy tale archetypes and narrative traditions to comment upon tensions and conflicts in sexual selfunderstanding. This is achieved through a reflection on attitudes that women adopt regarding their own sexuality. Such a reflection is instigated through a presentation of prominent cultural archetypes that exist, no longer as received ideas, but as a bold and entertaining expression of how sex can change our attitude towards those ideas that we often take for granted. Through an assemblage of objects and video, this body of work evokes a domestic setting through the recreation of the household environment. The viewer is drawn in by fun looking characterizations that, upon first glance, arouses a sense of archetypal nostalgia. However, a closer investigation reveals sardonic humor and associative metaphors that refer to sexual themes, some situated in dark places.

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