Mothers’ Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment of Children in Qazvin-Iran


The aim of this study was to assess mothers’ attitudes toward Corporal Punishment (CP) of children in Iran. A qualitative study was carried out using focus group discussions. Five sessions were held among 42 participants (30 mothers and 12 caregivers). Results indicated that 80% of participants used CP to bring up their children; 70 % did not know the meaning, predisposing factors, and manifestations of child abuse, and more than 50 % did not know the complications resulting from CP and the ways of preventing. Their attitude toward CP was that the use of CP was sometimes necessary to bring up their children while their information about predisposing factors and complications of child abuse might be minimal. The findings have been used in providing an educational package with the topics of parenting skills in order to decrease child abuse that has been resulted by parents.

DOI: 10.1007/s10896-009-9279-7

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