Mothers' efforts to protect their infants from environmental tobacco smoke.

  title={Mothers' efforts to protect their infants from environmental tobacco smoke.},
  author={Pamela A Ratner and Joy L. Johnson and Joan L Bottorff},
  journal={Canadian journal of public health = Revue canadienne de sante publique},
  volume={92 1},
Infant exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is reported to be associated with abnormal neonatal airway structure , lower respiratory illness, chronic bronchitis, asthma, recurrent otitis media, and sudden infant death syndrome. 1-5 In light of the evidence, parents are well advised to limit their children's exposure to cigarette smoking. Currently, there is a dearth of research that can direct policy makers regarding the control of ETS. 6 The aim of this study was to document fami-lies… CONTINUE READING
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