Most popular human cell in science gets sequenced

  title={Most popular human cell in science gets sequenced},
  author={Ewen Callaway},
The HeLa cell genome is riddled with errors, raising questions about its continued use. 
The Henrietta Lacks legacy grows
Now that the NIH has reached an agreement with Henrietta Lacks's family concerning the use of the HeLa cell line, what lessons can we learn about informed consent and the unforeseen use of biologicalExpand
Ethics and Patents in Stem Cell Research
This chapter aims to provide a history of stem cell research and ethical dilemmas that have been contested over the years and presents the global landscape on patent eligibility of stem cells. Expand
High variability of genomic instability and gene expression profiling in different HeLa clones
It is shown that substantial differences between the primary tumour and the human genome exist and that an indeterminate number of HeLa cell lines may exist, each with a unique genomic profile. Expand
HeLa Cell Line
The HeLa cell line was the first immortal human cell line that George Otto Gey, Margaret Gey, and Mary Kucibek first isolated from Henrietta Lacks and developed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital [4] inExpand
What We Know, What We Don’t and Where This May Lead Us
Now the authors can look at individual genes and count them, recognise if they are in the right numbers and right order and use this as a diagnostic tool; just knowing the DNA sequence of a gene is not enough. Expand
The issue with tissue: why making human biomaterials available for research purposes is still controversial
The issue is one of control rights, the relinquishing of which can only work in a sustained fashion if there is a sufficient degree of transparency and openness in the research community. Expand
Struktur-Wirkungs-Beziehung peptidischer Guanidiniocarbonylpyrrol-Liganden zur nicht-viralen Gentransfektion – ein Balanceakt über einen Hindernisparcours
Guanidiniocarbonylpyrrol(GCP)-tragende peptidische di-, tri- und tetravalente Liganden wurden auf ihre Eignung als Transfektionsvektoren und den dabei zugrundeliegenden TransfektionsmechanismusExpand


The Genomic and Transcriptomic Landscape of a HeLa Cell Line
This study performed DNA and RNA sequencing of a HeLa Kyoto cell line and analyzed its mutational portfolio and gene expression profile, providing the first detailed account of genomic variants in the HeLa genome. Expand