Mosaicism for duplication 12q (12q13-->q24.2) in a dysmorphic male infant.

  title={Mosaicism for duplication 12q (12q13-->q24.2) in a dysmorphic male infant.},
  author={Joanne Dixon and Teresa Costa and Ikuko E. Teshima},
  journal={Journal of medical genetics},
  volume={30 1},
We report the clinical findings in a boy with mosaicism for a duplication of chromosome 12q13.1-->q24.2. His clinical characteristics are very similar to previously reported mosaic duplications of the distal long arm of 12, as well as several cases with non-mosaic duplications. It is proposed that this represents a clinically distinguishable syndrome for 12q duplication, in mosaic or non-mosaic form. 

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