Mosaicing-by-recognition: a technique for video-based text recognition

  title={Mosaicing-by-recognition: a technique for video-based text recognition},
  author={Hiromitsu Miyazaki and Seiichi Uchida and Hiroaki Sakoe},
  journal={Eighth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR'05)},
  pages={904-908 Vol. 2}
In this paper, a mosaicing-by-recognition technique is proposed where video mosaicing and text recognition are simultaneously and collaboratively optimized in a one-step manner. Specifically, multiple frames capturing a long text line are optimally concatenated with a guide of the text recognition framework. In this optimization process, rotation, scaling, vertical shift, and speed fluctuation, which often appear in video frames captured by hand-held cameras, are compensated. The optimization… CONTINUE READING