Mosaic Genome Architecture of the Anopheles gambiae Species Complex

  title={Mosaic Genome Architecture of the Anopheles gambiae Species Complex},
  author={Rui Wang-Sattler and St{\'e}phanie A. Blandin and Ye Ning and Claudia Blass and Guimogo Dolo and Y{\'e}ya Ti{\'e}moko Tour{\'e} and Alessandra della Torre and Gregory C. Lanzaro and Lars M. Steinmetz and Fotis C. Kafatos and Liangbiao Zheng},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={1193 - 1202}
BACKGROUND Attempts over the last three decades to reconstruct the phylogenetic history of the Anopheles gambiae species complex have been important for developing better strategies to control malaria transmission. METHODOLOGY We used fingerprint genotyping data from 414 field-collected female mosquitoes at 42 microsatellite loci to infer the evolutionary relationships of four species in the A. gambiae complex, the two major malaria vectors A. gambiae sensu stricto (A. gambiae s.s.) and A… CONTINUE READING


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