Mortality update of workers exposed to acrylonitrile in The Netherlands.


A retrospective cohort study investigating the cause-specific mortality patterns of 2842 workers occupationally exposed to acrylonitrile for at least 6 months before 1 July 1979 was updated. The comparison group consisted of 3961 workers from a nitrogen fixation plant during the same time interval. Industrial hygiene assessments quantified past exposure to… (More)


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@article{Swaen1998MortalityUO, title={Mortality update of workers exposed to acrylonitrile in The Netherlands.}, author={Gerard M. H. Swaen and Louis J Bloemen and Jos W. R. Twisk and Theo Scheffers and J J M Slangen and James J. Collins and Wil F ten Berge and Ferd Sturmans}, journal={Journal of occupational and environmental medicine}, year={1998}, volume={46 7}, pages={691-8} }