Mortality trends and the epidemiological transition in Nauru.

  title={Mortality trends and the epidemiological transition in Nauru.},
  author={Karen L.T. Carter and Taniela Sunia Soakai and Richard Ian Taylor and Ipia Gadabu and Chalapati Rao and Kiki Thoma and Alan D Lopez},
  journal={Asia-Pacific journal of public health},
  volume={23 1},
This article aims to examine the epidemiological transition in Nauru through analysis of available mortality data. Mortality data from death certificates and published material were used to construct life tables and calculate age-standardized mortality rates (from 1960) with 95% confidence intervals. Proportional mortality was calculated from 1947. Female life expectancy (LE) varied from 57 to 61 years with no significant trend. Age-standardized mortality for males (15-64 years) doubled from… CONTINUE READING


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