Mortality in women following hip fracture.

  title={Mortality in women following hip fracture.},
  author={Noel S Weiss and Jonathan M. Liff and C L Ure and Joshua A Ballard and Greg Abbott and Janet R. Daling},
  journal={Journal of chronic diseases},
  volume={36 12},
The mortality of white female residents of King County (WA) 50-74 yr of age who sustained an isolated fracture of the hip (n = 168) or lower forearm (n = 217) during 1976-79 was monitored during the 2 yr following the fracture. Among the women with hip fracture the (age-adjusted) percentages who died by the end of the first and second year were 5.9 and 10.5%, respectively. Among women with forearm fractures, the corresponding 1- and 2-yr percentages were 1.9 and 2.7%, values similar to that of… CONTINUE READING

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