Mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a nationwide survey

  title={Mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a nationwide survey},
  author={Benjamin Coghlan and Richard John Brennan and Pascal Sungu Ngoy and David Dofara and Brad Otto and Mark S Clements and Tony Stewart},
  journal={The Lancet},

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Update on Mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Results From a Third Nationwide Survey

Slight but significant improvements in mortality in the insecure east coincided temporally with recent progress on security, humanitarian, and political fronts, and the crude mortality rate remains elevated across DRC.

Mortality Rates above Emergency Threshold in Population Affected by Conflict in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, July 2012–April 2013

The results from this survey in Walikale clearly illustrate the impact that ongoing conflict and displacement are having on the population in this part of DRC.

High mortality in an internally displaced population in Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2005: Results of a rapid assessment under difficult conditions

A rapid health assessment was performed in one of the IDP camps in Ituri in April 2005 to evaluate mortality (due to violence or disease) and camp living conditions and living conditions were extremely poor.

The effect of war on infant mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Differences in effects of the Congolese war on neonatal versus post-neonatal mortality suggest that conflict influences the conditions of infants’ lives more than the aspects of mothers’ pregnancy conditions and delivery that are relevant for infant mortality.

Mortality, malnutrition and the humanitarian response to the food crises in Lesotho

Findings suggest that the food aid program ensured survival mainly among adults, and the situation could have been catastrophic in the absence of humanitarian assistance.

Violence against civilians and access to health care in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo: three cross-sectional surveys

The results show the impact of the ongoing war on these civilian populations: one third of deaths were violent in two sites, individuals are frequently subjected to violence, and displacements and theft are common.

Mortality in Iraq

The D R Congo conflict (1998-2004):: assessing excess deaths based on war and non-war scenarios

To assess excess deaths linked to the 1998-2004 armed conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the International Rescue Committee conducted a series of five surveys over a seven years period

Fifty years of violent war deaths from Vietnam to Bosnia: analysis of data from the world health survey programme

The use of data on sibling history from peacetime population surveys can retrospectively estimate mortality from war, and there is no evidence of a recent decline in war deaths.



Elevated mortality associated with armed conflict--Democratic Republic of Congo, 2002.

The results of the survey indicate that the overall CMR in the DRC is the highest in the world, with the majority of deaths caused by preventable infectious diseases.

Infant and child mortality in two counties of Liberia: results of a survey in 1988 and trends since 1984.

Tabulations of death by reported cause using a verbal autopsy questionnaire showed that the risks of neonatal tetanus and fever associated deaths declined significantly, which might have been a direct result of programme activities which were shown by a marked increase in tetanus toxoid immunization and access to antimalarial drugs in the study area.

Mortality and use of health services surveys in rural Zaire.

Given the difficulty in obtaining accurate estimates of mortality, primary importance should be given to developing and improving routine health information systems that measure changes in health status and provide information to evaluate programmes.

Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response

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Letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

  • 2005

UN to boost DR Congo peace force

  • UN to boost DR Congo peace force
  • 2004

Training for midlevel managers: the EPI coverage survey WHO/EPI/MLM/91·10. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1991. 12 US Bureau of the Census. International data base population pyramids

  • 11 WHO Expanded Programme of Immunization
  • 2004