Mortality in Iraq

  title={Mortality in Iraq},
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AIDS, conflict and the media in Africa: risks in reporting bad data badly
The aim of this manuscript is to stimulate awareness and debate among persons and organisations working on HIV/AIDS as well as the media in order to improve dialogue and ultimately to reduce stigma and discrimination amongst an already vulnerable group – conflict-affected and displaced persons.
Ten-Year Mortality Trends and Natural Causes of Death in the Iraqi Kurdistan
Analysis of mortality data retrieved from official government databases in Iraqi Kurdistan confirms that the region is facing a burden of non-communicable diseases, coupled with high proportions of infectious diseases, and highlights the need for implementation of health monitoring systems.
Iraq War mortality estimates: A systematic review
The mortality burden of the war and its sequelae on Iraq is large and there is a pressing need to promote sound epidemiologic approaches to determining mortality estimates and to establish guidelines for policy-makers, the media and the public on how to interpret these estimates.