Mortality attributable to nosocomial infections in the ICU.

  title={Mortality attributable to nosocomial infections in the ICU.},
  author={J Y Fagon and Ana Novara and François St{\'e}phan and Emmanuelle Girou and M E Safar},
  journal={Infection control and hospital epidemiology},
  volume={15 7},
Although a direct relationship between nosocomial infection and mortality in intensive care unit (ICU) patients has not always been demonstrated formally, it is possible to conclude that nosocomial infections increase the risk of death in critically ill patients. A more precise analysis indicates that: 1) this effect is highly probable for pneumonia, doubtful for bacteremia, and uncertain for urinary tract infection; 2) risk increases with duration of stay in the ICU; 3) bacterial etiology… CONTINUE READING

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