Mortality after Esophagectomy: Risk Factor Analysis

  title={Mortality after Esophagectomy: Risk Factor Analysis},
  author={Mark K. Ferguson and Terri R. Martin and Laurie B. Reeder and Jemi Olak},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
Esophageal resection is associated with a high incidence of operative mortality, suggesting the need for predictors of operative risk. A retrospective analysis was performed for esophagectomy patients using univariate and multivariate analyses; relative risks (RR) were calculated. Of the 269 patients, 35 (13%) died. The optimal model for the preoperative prediction of risk of mortality was defined by age ( p = 0.001; RR = 2.6) and performance status ( p = 0.04; RR = 1.9). Delimiting the data… CONTINUE READING