Mortalin controls centrosome duplication via modulating centrosomal localization of p53

  title={Mortalin controls centrosome duplication via modulating centrosomal localization of p53},
  author={Zhiyong Ma and Hideki Izumi and Masayuki Kanai and Yukihito Kabuyama and Natalie G Ahn and Kenji Fukasawa},
Abnormal amplification of centrosomes, commonly found in human cancer, is the major cause of mitotic defects and chromosome instability in cancer cells. Like DNA, centrosomes duplicate once in each cell cycle, hence the defect in the mechanism that ensures centrosome duplication to occur once and only once in each cell cycle results in abnormal amplification of centrosomes and mitotic defects. Centrosomes are non-membranous organelles, and undergo dynamic changes in its constituents during the… CONTINUE READING


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