Morse flow trees and Legendrian contact homology in 1-jet spaces

  title={Morse flow trees and Legendrian contact homology in 1-jet spaces},
  author={Tobias Ekholm},
  journal={Geometry \& Topology},
  • T. Ekholm
  • Published 16 September 2005
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry & Topology
Let L ⊂ J 1 (M) be a Legendrian submanifold of the 1-jet space of a Riemannian n-manifold M. A correspondence is established between rigid flow trees in M determined by L and boundary punctured rigid pseudo-holomorphic disks in TM, with boundary on the projection of L and asymptotic to the double points of this projection at punctures, provided n ≤ 2, or provided n > 2 and the front of L has only cusp edge singularities. This result, in particular, shows how to compute the Legendrian contact… 

A note on the infinite number of exact Lagrangian fillings for spherical spuns

  • R. Golovko
  • Mathematics
    Pacific Journal of Mathematics
  • 2022
In this short note we discuss high-dimensional examples of Legendrian submanifolds of the standard contact Euclidean space with infinite number of exact Lagrangian fillings up to Hamiltonian isotopy.

An exact sequence for Legendrian links

A result of Bourgeois, Ekholm and Eliashberg [4] describes the linearized contact homology of the boundary of a symplectic cobordism obtained by Legendrian surgery in terms of the cyclic homology of

Knot contact homology

The conormal lift of a link K in ℝ3 is a Legendrian submanifold ΛK in the unit cotangent bundle U∗ℝ3 of ℝ3 with contact structure equal to the kernel of the Liouville form. Knot contact homology, a

Functorial LCH for immersed Lagrangian cobordisms

For $1$-dimensional Legendrian submanifolds of $1$-jet spaces, we extend the functorality of the Legendrian contact homology DG-algebra (DGA) from embedded exact Lagrangian cobordisms, as in

Cellular Legendrian contact homology for surfaces, part II

It is proved that the Cellular DGA defined in [Cellular computation of Legendrian contact homology for surfaces, preprint (2016)] is stable tame isomorphic to the LegendrianContact homology DGA, modulo the explicit construction of a specific Legendrian surface.

A Seifert-van Kampen Theorem for Legendrian Submanifolds and Exact Lagrangian Cobordisms

We prove a Seifert-van Kampen theorem for Legendrian submanifolds and exact Lagrangian cobordisms, and use it to calculate the change in the DGA caused by critical Legendrian ambient surgery.

Generating families and augmentations for Legendrian surfaces

We study augmentations of a Legendrian surface $L$ in the $1$-jet space, $J^1M$, of a surface $M$. We introduce two types of algebraic/combinatorial structures related to the front projection of $L$

Orienting Moduli Spaces of Flow Trees for Symplectic Field Theory

This thesis consists of three scientific papers dealing with invariants of Legendrian and Lagrangian submanifolds. Besides the scientific papers, the thesis contains an introduction to contact and ...

Orientations of Morse flow trees in Legendrian contact homology

Let L be a spin Legendrian submanifold of the 1-jet space of a smooth manifold. We prove that the Legendrian contact homology of L with integer coefficients can be computed using Morse flow trees. We

Invariants of Legendrian products

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The unregularized gradient flow of the symplectic action

The symplectic action can be defined on the space of smooth paths in a symplectic manifold P which join two Lagrangian submanifolds of P. To pursue a new approach to the variational theory of this

Zero-loop open strings in the cotangent bundle and Morse homotopy

0. Introduction. Many important works in symplectic geometry and topology are regarded as the symplectization or the quantization of the corresponding results in ordinary geometry and topology. One

The contact homology of Legendrian submanifolds in R2n+1

We define the contact homology for Legendrian submanifolds in standard contact (2n + 1)-space using moduli spaces of holomorphic disks with Lagrangian boundary conditions in complex n-space. This


In the standard contact (2n+1)-space when n > 1, we construct infinite families of pairwise non-Legendrian isotopic, Legendrian n-spheres, n-tori and surfaces which are indistinguishable using

Some properties of holomorphic curves in almost complex manifolds

The study of holomorphic curves in almost complex manifolds can be viewed as the confluence of two fields.

Differential algebra of Legendrian links

Let the space R = {(q, p, u)} be equipped with the standard contact form α = du − pdq. A link L ⊂ R3 is called Legendrian if the restriction of α to L vanishes. Two Legendrian links are said to be

Removal of boundary singularities of pseudo-holomorphic curves with Lagrangian boundary conditions

We give a proof of the theorem of removing isolated singularities of pseudo-holomorphic curves with Lagrangian boundary conditions and bounded symplectic area. The proof is a combination of some

On Gradient Dynamical Systems

We consider in this paper a Co vector field X on a Co compact manifold Mn (&M, the boundary of M, may be empty or not) satisfying the following conditions: (1) At each singular point /8 of X, there

Monopoles on asymptotically flat manifolds

We consider the relation between the theory of monopoles on ℝ 3 and the analogous problem on a manifold M obtained from ℝ3 by forming the connected sum with a compact manifold M. The main result is