Morphopoietic switch mutations of bacteriophage P2.

  title={Morphopoietic switch mutations of bacteriophage P2.},
  author={Erich W. Six and Melvin Sunshine and John I Williams and Elisabeth Hagg{\aa}rd-Ljungquist and Bj{\"o}rn H. Lindqvist},
  volume={182 1},
During the growth of bacteriophage P4, for which the genome of bacteriophage P2 is needed as helper, the decision whether to make large, P2 size, heads or small, P4 size, heads depends on the size-directing function of P4's sid gene and on P2's "sid responsiveness." P2 mutants (=P2 sir) impaired in their response to P4's sid function are readily obtainable as one class of P2 plaque formers selected on certain P4 cl plasmid lysogens. We describe nine P2 sir mutants of independent origin. For… CONTINUE READING