Morphometric study of the human muscle spindle.

  title={Morphometric study of the human muscle spindle.},
  author={Evangelia G Kararizou and Panagiota Manta and Nikolaos Kalfakis and Dimitrios Vassilopoulos},
  journal={Analytical and quantitative cytology and histology},
  volume={27 1},
OBJECTIVE To study the morphometric characteristics of the human muscle spindle in normal muscle and to investigate the influence of aging. STUDY DESIGN The following variables were studied in 72 spindles: area and diameter of the spindle; thickness of the capsule; number, area and diameter of fibers; and number and area of nuclei. RESULTS In deltoid and extensor digitorum brevis muscles, a reduction in the diameter of the spindle as a function of age was found, while no statistically… CONTINUE READING


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