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Morphometric Variations in the Skull of the Red Deer ( Cervus elaphus L . ) in Bulgaria

  title={Morphometric Variations in the Skull of the Red Deer ( Cervus elaphus L . ) in Bulgaria},
  author={G. Markov},
A population craniometric analysis of the red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) from Bulgaria was carried out using 19 linear skull and dental parameters. The analysis included 93 adult individuals (74 males and 19 females), originating from the main hunting economic areas in the country, i.e. Central Stara Planina Mountains, Strandzha-Sakar area, Ludogorie-Dobrudzha region and the Rila-Pirin region. The data confirmed a high degree of sexual dimorphism of the skull. The univariate and multivariate… Expand
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