Morphomechanical programming of morphogenesis in cnidarian embryos.

  title={Morphomechanical programming of morphogenesis in cnidarian embryos.},
  author={Yulia A Kraus},
  journal={The International journal of developmental biology},
  volume={50 2-3},
  • Yulia A Kraus
  • Published 2006 in
    The International journal of developmental…
The factors governing the pattern formation process in the early morphogenesis of a marine colonial hydroid, Dynamena pumila, have been studied. Two different types of morphogenesis have been distinguished. Morphogenesis of the first type goes on via changes in cell shape and cell axis orientation, while morphogenesis of the second type is based upon the active coordinated cell movements associated with cell rearrangements. It was shown that morphogenesis of both types can be considered as… CONTINUE READING