Morphology of the human septal area: a topographic atlas.

  title={Morphology of the human septal area: a topographic atlas.},
  author={S{\'a}ndor Horv{\'a}th and Mikl{\'o}s Palkovits},
  journal={Acta morphologica Hungarica},
  volume={35 3-4},
The cell-groups of the human septum pellucidum are demonstrated in a series of 27 frontal sections. The basal part of the septum which contains mainly nerve cells extends 14-16 mm in the oro-caudal direction. Within this region two medial nuclei with 6 subdivisions and two lateral nuclei with 3 subdivisions were distinguished. The definition of oro-caudal coordinates and the topographical description of nuclei may be of help in localizing with sufficient accuracy clinico-pathological… CONTINUE READING