Morphology of the exocrine glands of the frog skin.

  title={Morphology of the exocrine glands of the frog skin.},
  author={J. W. Mills and B E Prum},
  journal={The American journal of anatomy},
  volume={171 1},
Frog skin contains three distinct types of exocrine glands: granular (poison), mucous, and seromucous. The granular gland forms a syncytial secretory compartment within the acinus, which is surrounded by smooth muscle cells. The mucous and seromucous glands are easily identifiable as distinct glands. The serous and mucous secretory cells are arranged in a semilunar configuration opposite the ductal end and are filled with granules. Within the acinus, located at the ductal pole of the gland, are… CONTINUE READING

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