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Morphology of some free living ciliates of the caspian sea

  title={Morphology of some free living ciliates of the caspian sea},
  author={F. G. Agamaliev},
  journal={Acta Protozoologica},
  • F. Agamaliev
  • Published 4 October 1978
  • Geology
  • Acta Protozoologica
Morphological redescription and SSU rDNA-based phylogeny of two freshwater ciliates, Uronema nigricans and Lembadion lucens (Ciliophora, Oligohymenophorea), with discussion on the taxonomic status of Uronemita sinensis
Phylogenetic analyses indicated that genus Lembadion is monophyletic with full support provided by both Bayesian inference and maximum likelihood algorithms and Uronemita sinensis may represent a new genus between Uronema and URONemita.
New contribution to the morphological taxonomy of three marine cyrtophorid ciliates from the Yellow Sea, China (Ciliophora: Cyrtophorida)
The morphology and infraciliature of three marine cyrtophorid ciliates, Dysteria lanceolata Claparede and Lachmann, 1859, Lynchella nordica Jankowski, 1968 and Chlamydonyx paucidentatus Deroux, 1976,
Redefinition and Reassignment of the 18-cirri Genera Hemigastrostyla, Oxytricha, Urosomoida, and Actinotricha (Ciliophora, Hypotricha), and Description of One New Genus and Two New Species
The morphology, the infraciliature, and two stages of physiological reorganization of Hemigastrostyla elongata spec. nov., isolated from the Yellow Sea near Qingdao (China), are described. The new
Morphology and morphogenesis of a novel mangrove ciliate, Sterkiella subtropica sp. nov. (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia), with phylogenetic analyses based on small-subunit rDNA sequence data.
The monophyly of species of the genus Sterkiella is not completely supported in analyses, and approximately unbiased tests also reject the possibility that Sterkieella is a monophyletic lineage, as indicated by the morphology-based classification.
Redescription and SSU rRNA gene-based phylogeny of an anaerobic ciliate, Plagiopyla ovata Kahl, 1931 (Ciliophora, Plagiopylea).
The morphology and molecular phylogeny of Plagiopyla ovata Kahl, 1931, a poorly known anaerobic ciliate, were investigated based on a population isolated from sand samples collected from the Yellow Sea coast at Qingdao, PR China and phylogenetic analyses revealed that P. ovata clusters within the monophyletic family Plagypylidae.
Diversity of the cyrtophorid genus Chlamydodon (Protista, Ciliophora): its systematics and geographic distribution, with taxonomic descriptions of three species
The genus Chlamydodon is revised according to the available data and an illustrated key to aid species diagnosis is suggested and the systematic relationships of chlamydodontid congeners were analysed based on SSU rRNA gene sequences, indicating that all congeners belong to a well-defined clade.