Morphology of immature stages of Megaselia spiracularis Schmitz (Diptera: Phoridae).

  title={Morphology of immature stages of Megaselia spiracularis Schmitz (Diptera: Phoridae).},
  author={Feng Dian-Xing and Liu Guang-chun},
  journal={Microscopy research and technique},
  volume={75 9},
In addition to causing myiasis in humans, Megaselia spiracularis Schmitz has also been reported as a forensically important fly. In this study, we presented the morphology of all larval instars and puparium of M. spiracularis using scanning electron microscopy. The first instar larva was composed of 12 segments. Antennae and maxillary palp complex were visible. Two spiracular slits could be seen at the posterior spiracle. The branch of posterior spiracular hairs was approximately equal to the… CONTINUE READING
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