Morphology of expiratory neurons of the Bötzinger complex: an HRP study in the cat.

  title={Morphology of expiratory neurons of the B{\"o}tzinger complex: an HRP study in the cat.},
  author={Kazuyoshi Otake and Hiroshi Sasaki and Hideyuki Mannen and Kazuhisa Ezure},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={258 4},
In anesthetized and artificially ventilated cats, the physiological and morphological properties of expiratory neurons or their axons of the Bötzinger complex (BOT) were studied using intracellular recording and intracellular HRP labeling techniques. Thirteen expiratory neurons (nine cell somata and four axons) were successfully stained. Four of them were motoneurons, having relatively large cell somata in the retrofacial nucleus (RFN) and axons without any collaterals inside the brainstem. All… CONTINUE READING

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