Morphology and systematics of Holmsella pachyderma (Pterocladiophilaceae, Gracilariales)

  title={Morphology and systematics of Holmsella pachyderma (Pterocladiophilaceae, Gracilariales)},
  author={Suzanne Fredericq and Max H. Hommersand},
The vegetative and reproductive development of Holmsella pachyderma, a parasite on Gracilaria verrucosa and Gracilariopsis sp. in Great Britain and Ireland, shows that it is incorrectly placed in the family Choreocolacaceae. Instead, Holmsella shares significant characters with members of the Gracilariaceae and with Gelidiocolax and Pterocladiophila, genera parasitic on Gelidiaceae. Similarities include the pattern of vegetative growth based on concavo—convex and transverse divisions of apical… CONTINUE READING