Morphology and dynamics of chromosome territories in living cells.

  title={Morphology and dynamics of chromosome territories in living cells.},
  author={Prof. Edelmann and Harald Bornfleth and Daniele Zink and Thomas Cremer and Christoph Cremer},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1551 1},
Chromosome territories formed by fluorescence-labeled sub-chromosomal foci were analyzed in time-lapse series of 3D confocal data sets of living HeLa and human neuroblastoma cells. The quantitative analysis of the chromosome territory morphology confirmed previous results obtained by visual observation [Zink et al., Hum. Genet. 102 (1998) 241-251] that chromosome territories persisted as stable entities over an observation time >4 h. The changes in morphology with time of single chromosome… CONTINUE READING

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