Morphology and composition of the surface of Mars: Mars Odyssey THEMIS results.

  title={Morphology and composition of the surface of Mars: Mars Odyssey THEMIS results.},
  author={P. R. Christensen and Joshua L. Bandfield and James F. Bell and Noel Gorelick and Victoria E. Hamilton and Anton Ivanov and B M Jakosky and Hugh H. Kieffer and Melissa D. Lane and Michael C. Malin and Timothy H. McConnochie and Alfred S. McEwen and H Y McSween and Greg L. Mehall and Jeffery E. Moersch and Kenneth H Nealson and James W. Rice and Mark Ian Richardson and Steven W. Ruff and Michael D. Smith and T. N. Titus and Michael B. Wyatt},
  volume={300 5628},
The Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on Mars Odyssey has produced infrared to visible wavelength images of the martian surface that show lithologically distinct layers with variable thickness, implying temporal changes in the processes or environments during or after their formation. Kilometer-scale exposures of bedrock are observed; elsewhere airfall dust completely mantles the surface over thousands of square kilometers. Mars has compositional variations at 100-meter scales, for… CONTINUE READING
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