Morphology and Identification of the Young Ipnopid, “Macristiella” from, the Tropical Western Pacific

  title={Morphology and Identification of the Young Ipnopid, “Macristiella” from, the Tropical Western Pacific},
  author={Muneo Okiyama},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Ichthyology},
  • M. Okiyama
  • Published 30 November 1972
  • Biology
  • Japanese Journal of Ichthyology
Four specimens of"Macristiella"ranging from 13.1 to 39.3 mm in standard length were collected from the tropical western Pacific for the first time.The internal as well as external morphology of these specimens was described in detail,especially for the largest individual.All the known specimens of"Macristiella,"one from the Atlantic and four from the Pacific,were considered to be the young stages of the genus Bathytyphlops of the family Ipnopidae,Myctophiformes,but their specific identification… 

A Larval Ipnops and Its Possible Metamorphosing Process

A remarkable postlarva of 13.9 mm in standard length collected by surface tows of a larva net from the tropical western Pacific is described in detail,with special reference to its elaborated head


  • K. Sulak
  • Biology, Environmental Science
  • 2006
The deep benthic fish genus Bathypterois (Pisces: Myctophiformes) is revised on a worldwide basis and Histological examination of the specialized pectoral fin rays reveals innervation by enlarged spinal nerves and suggests a sensory function for these rays.

A megapterygium larva of Discoverichthys praecox (Aulopiformes: Ipnopidae) from the tropical western Pacific

The larva of Discoverichthys (Aulopiformes: Ipnopidae) is described for the first time based on a specimen 39.5 mm in standard length collected in surface waters near the Marianas in the western

Bathytyphlops sewelli (Pisces: Chlorophthalmidae) a senior synonym of B. azorensis, from the eastern North Atlantic with notes on its biology

Evidence provided by six specimens of abyssal Bathytyphlops collected in the eastern North Atlantic indicates the conspecificity of the Atlantic B. azorensis with the Indian Ocean B. sewelli. The

The Larval Taxonomy of the Primitive Myctophiform Fishes

The definition of the “primitive myctophiform fishes” in the present paper is provisional; the families treated here are exclusively referable to Myctophoidea, but special emphasis will be placed on Aulopidae and its close relatives.

A review of the pelvic girdle of acanthomorph fishes, with comments on hypotheses of acanthomorph intrarelationships

Derived morphological features of the pelvic complex are identified and discussed as evidence for the recognition of a monophyletic Acanthomorpha, Acanthopterygii and Percomorpha and an additional sub-grouping of “higher percomorphs” is proposed.



A review of mesozoic acanthopterygian fishes, with special reference to those of the English chalk

  • C. Patterson
  • Biology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences
  • 1964
The acanthopterygians of the English Chalk are redescribed, and members of all the genera known by more than one specimen are treated at length, and a new order Ctenothrissiformes is made.

Macristiella perlucens, a new clupeiform fish from the Gulf of Mexico

Aunique 11/2-inch long fish swimming at the surface under a night light was dipnetted by Harvey R. Bullis, Jr. from the R/V OREGON in 1954, about 50 miles NE of Tampico, Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico.