Morphological variation of the palatal organ and chewing pad of catostomidae (teleostei: cypriniformes).

  title={Morphological variation of the palatal organ and chewing pad of catostomidae (teleostei: cypriniformes).},
  author={Michael H. Doosey and Henry L. Bart},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={272 9},
We studied the morphology and shape variation of the palatal organ and chewing pad of sucker fishes, family Catostomidae. The palatal organ is a muscularized structure that forms a large mass on the roof of the posterior part of the buccopharyngeal cavity in cypriniform fishes. It functions in coordination with the branchial arches to separate food items from inorganic debris during feeding. The palatal organ exhibits considerable variability in morphology among catostomids. It is shorter… CONTINUE READING
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