Morphological transitions of elastic filaments in shear flow

  title={Morphological transitions of elastic filaments in shear flow},
  author={Yanan Liu and Brato Chakrabarti and David Saintillan and Anke Lindner and Olivia du Roure},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences},
  pages={9438 - 9443}
Significance Elastic filaments and semiflexible polymers occur ubiquitously in biophysical systems and are key components of many complex fluids, yet our understanding of their conformational dynamics under flow is incomplete. Here, we report on experimental observations of actin filaments in simple shear and characterize their various dynamical regimes from tumbling to buckling and snaking. Numerical simulations accounting for elastohydrodynamics as well as Brownian fluctuations show perfect… 

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