[Morphological studies on the formation of oxalate stones (author's transl)].


The present paper deals with experimental and crystaloptical studies on synthetic and native Ca-oxalate. The findings are in favour of a uniform way of formation of Ca-oxalate stones from Ca-oxalate dihydrate crystals as primary crystallization product in urine, developing into the monochydrate phase by dehydratation. Rapid growth and a sufficiently high… (More)


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@article{Schneider1977MorphologicalSO, title={[Morphological studies on the formation of oxalate stones (author's transl)].}, author={Harald Schneider and Wigbert Berg and Albrecht Hesse}, journal={Zentralblatt fur allgemeine Pathologie u. pathologische Anatomie}, year={1977}, volume={121 4-5}, pages={473-80} }