Morphological characterization of actively fusing L6 myoblasts.

  title={Morphological characterization of actively fusing L6 myoblasts.},
  author={Linda Engel and M W Egar and Ronald J. Przybylski},
  journal={European journal of cell biology},
  volume={39 2},
We have characterized morphologically the surface of L6 myoblasts at the time of active cell fusion using transmission electron microscopy. Two subclones of the L6 line were used in these studies: the L6Cl55 line that fuses to form multinucleated syncytia and the NF44 non-fusing variant. Ultrastructural analysis revealed an electron-opaque material at localized points of cell-cell apposition in actively fusing L6Cl55 cells. This material may be transported by and secreted from smooth-surfaced… CONTINUE READING