Morphological and Molecular Identification of Two New Species of Hyphodontia (Schizoporaceae, Hymenochaetales) from Southern China

  title={Morphological and Molecular Identification of Two New Species of Hyphodontia (Schizoporaceae, Hymenochaetales) from Southern China},
  author={Changlin Zhao and Bao-Kai Cui and Yu-Cheng Dai},
Abstract Two new Hyphodontia species, H. pseudotropica and H. rhizomorpha spp. nov., are described based on morphological and molecular characters. Hyphodontia pseudotropica is characterized by poroid hymenophore with buff to buff-yellow pore surface, a monomitic hyphal system with thick-walled, frequently branched generative hyphae and oblong-ellipsoid basidiospores, and plenty of bladder-like cystidia. Hyphodontia rhizomorpha is distinguished by poroid hymenophores when juvenile, cracked… 

Three new species of Hyphodontia s.l. (Basidiomycota) with poroid or raduloid hymenophore

Three species of Hyphodontia (Schizoporaceae) with poroid or raduloid hymenial surface are described as new to science and H. dimitica is found to be conspecific with H. nongravis, based on morphological and molecular evidence.

Additions to the Knowledge of Corticioid Xylodon (Schizoporaceae, Hymenochaetales): Introducing Three New Xylodon Species from Southern China

Three wood-inhabiting fungal species, Xylodon gossypinus, X. macrosporus, and X. sinensis spp. nov. were collected from southern China, with the similar function to decompose rotten wood, which are

Five new species of Schizoporaceae (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetales) from East Asia

Five new wood-inhabiting fungi, Lyomyces albopulverulentus, L. yunnanensis, Xylodon daweishanensis, X. fissuratus, and X. puerensisspp. nov., are proposed based on a combination of morphological

Lyomyces fissuratus and L. fumosus (Schizoporaceae, Hymenochaetales), New Species from Southern China

Two new wood-inhabiting species of fungi, Lyomyces fissuratus C.L. Zhao and L. fumosus C.L. Zhao (Schizoporaceae, Hymenochaetales) are proposed based on a combination of morphological and molecular

Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Analyses of Three New Wood-Inhabiting Fungi of Xylodon (Basidiomycota) in a Forest Ecological System

After a series of phylogenetic studies, the ITS+nLSU analysis of the order Hymenochaetales indicated that, at the generic level, six genera should be accepted to accommodate the members of Hyphodontia sensu lato.

Fasciodontia gen. nov. (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) and the taxonomic status of Deviodontia

A new genus Fasciodontia is described to classify Xylodon bugellensis, known mostly from Europe, and one new species, F. brasiliensis, collected in Atlantic rainforests of Brazil. A new combination

Additions to the taxonomy of Lagarobasidium and Xylodon (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota)

Molecular and morphological information show that the traditional concept of L.detriticum covers at least two species, Xylodondetriticus from Europe and X.pruinosus with known distribution in Europe and North America, and Lagarobasidium as a synonym of Xylodon.



Taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Megasporoporia and its related genera

Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies on Megasporoporia s.l. were carried out, and two new genera were established, and identification keys to the three genera are provided.

The Corticiaceae (Basidiomycetes) subfamilies Phlebioideae, Phanerochaetoideae and Hyphodermoideae in Taiwan

A new type of hyphae, the "quasi-binding hypha" is recognized in the Corticiaceae, and six new combinations are proposed based on extra-Taiwanese species.

Three new species of Hyphodontia with poroid hymenial surface

Abstract Three new species of Hyphodontia with poroid hymenial surface are reported. All specimens of the three new species (Hyphodontia hallenbergii, H. poroideoefibulata, and H. taiwaniana) were

Two new species of Hyphodontia from China

Two new species of septocystidiata and sinensis are reported as new to science, both of which have grandinioid to odontioid hymenophore and broadly ellipsoid, thin- to slightly thick-walled basidiospores.

A revised checklist of corticioid and hydnoid fungi in China for 2010

The current knowledge of corticioid and hydnoid fungi in China is summarized, and totally 506 species are listed alphabetically.

Polypore diversity in China with an annotated checklist of Chinese polypores

The majority of the Chinese polypores are white rot fungi, whereas 98 species (14%) cause a brown rot; 520 species (74%) were found on angiosperm wood, of which 434 species (62%) grew exclusively on angosperm wood; 459 species (65%)were found on fallen trunks, which seem to be the most frequent substrate for polypore species.

New records of Hyphodontia species from Taiwan

The new record is the first time found in subtropical Taiwan at an altitude of 2100–2200 m, which is evidence that this species is adapted to seasonal environment with low temperatures.

MrBayes 3: Bayesian phylogenetic inference under mixed models

MrBayes 3 performs Bayesian phylogenetic analysis combining information from different data partitions or subsets evolving under different stochastic evolutionary models to analyze heterogeneous data sets and explore a wide variety of structured models mixing partition-unique and shared parameters.

The CLUSTAL_X windows interface: flexible strategies for multiple sequence alignment aided by quality analysis tools.

ClUSTAL X is a new windows interface for the widely-used progressive multiple sequence alignment program CLUSTAL W, providing an integrated system for performing multiple sequence and profile alignments and analysing the results.