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Morphological and Histological Study of the Stomach in Local Rodent Species(Guinea Pig) Cavia Porcellus

  title={Morphological and Histological Study of the Stomach in Local Rodent Species(Guinea Pig) Cavia Porcellus},
  author={Shrmean Abdulla Abd AL-Rhman},
  journal={Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare},
The study of stomach in adult male local guinea pigs rodents included the morphological description ,histometric measurments and histoarchitecture at the light microscope level by using Haematoxyline and Eosine stain methods.The results revealed that the stomach had C shaped with the presence of two curvatures and shallow angular notch. It is simple (unilocular) smooth and homogenous grossly  without  external demarcation limiting ridge (margo plicatus) between its devisions , white grayish in… Expand
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