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Morphological Generator for Tamil a New Data Driven Approach

  title={Morphological Generator for Tamil a New Data Driven Approach},
  author={R. U. Rekha and M. Anand Kumar and Dhanalakshmi and S. Rajendran and K. P. Soman},
Using Meta-Morph Rules to develop Morphological Analysers: A case study concerning Tamil
It is found that the meta-morph rules help to express linguistic generalisations and reduce the manual effort of writing lexical classes for morphological analysis in the Finite-State Morphological Analyser and Generator for the Dravidian language Tamil. Expand
ThamizhiFST: A Morphological Analyser and Generator for Tamil Verbs
ThamizhiFST was developed as a three-layer web-based system to tackle the issues arising when processing an agglutinative language like Tamil and to ensure its extendability. Expand
Malayalam grammar learning software based on finite state transducer
  • M. Vidya, S. Sekhar
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 International Conference on Power, Signals, Control and Computation (EPSCICON)
  • 2018
The details of how Finite State Transducer is utilized to implement a Malayalam morphological generator are presented and the software helps the students to discover the rules ofMalayalam grammar. Expand
  • 2016
This paper establishes the matter of imbibing various language peculiarities and target language specific characteristics of Indian languages in Tree Adjoining Grammar framework. Enabling theseExpand
Machine Learning of Phonologically Conditioned Noun Declensions For Tamil Morphological Generators
It is concluded that machine learning of morphological processing such as word form generation can be successfully learned in a supervised manner, without explicit description of rules. Expand
Morphology based prototype statistical machine translation system for English to Tamil language
M morphology based Factored Statistical Machine Translation system (F-SMT) is proposed for translating sentence from English to Tamil and Tamil linguistic tools such as Part-of-Speech Tagger, Morphological Analyzer and Morphological Generator are developed as a part of this research work. Expand
Design of language models at various phases of Tamil speech recognition system
The use of language models has drastically reduced the error rates at various levels and improved the recognition rate of Tamil speech recognition system. Expand
Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity Comparing Semantic Role Labeling with Typed Dependency Parsing in Computational Metaphor Iden- Tification Workshop Program Automatic Conjugation and Identification of Regular and Irregular Verb Neologisms in Spanish Mining and Clas
ii Introduction It is generally agreed upon that creativity is an important property of human language. For example, speakers routinely coin new words, employ novel metaphors, and play with wordsExpand