Morphological Developmental Stability in Plants: Patterns and Causes.

  title={Morphological Developmental Stability in Plants: Patterns and Causes.},
  author={M\oller and Shykoff},
  journal={International journal of plant sciences},
  volume={160 S6},
  • Møller, Shykoff
  • Published 1999 in International journal of plant sciences
Minor bilateral or radial asymmetry of leaves or flowers, the frequency of phenodeviants, intraindividual variation in repeated characters, and fractal dimensions of morphology are considered to represent measures of developmental instability since deviations from regularity of the phenotype constitute a measure of the inability to maintain developmental precision during ontogeny. First, we review patterns of fluctuating asymmetry in plants and show that levels of asymmetry are considerably… CONTINUE READING

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