Morphological Analyzer for Telugu Using Support Vector Machine

  title={Morphological Analyzer for Telugu Using Support Vector Machine},
  author={G. Sai Kiranmai and K. Mallika and M. Anand Kumar and V. Dhanalakshmi and K. P. Soman},
  • G. Sai Kiranmai, K. Mallika, +2 authors K. P. Soman
  • Published in ICT 2010
  • Computer Science
  • In this paper, we presented a morphological analyzer for the classical Dravidian language Telugu using machine learning approach. Morphological analyzer is a computer program that analyses the words belonging to Natural Languages and produces its grammatical structure as output. Telugu language is highly inflection and suffixation oriented, therefore developing the morphological analyzer for Telugu is a significant task. The developed morphological analyzer is based on sequence labeling and… CONTINUE READING

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