Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam Using Machine Learning

  title={Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam Using Machine Learning},
  author={V. Abeera and S. Aparna and R. Rekha and M. A. Kumar and V. Dhanalakshmi and K. Soman and S. Rajendran},
An efficient and reliable method for implementing Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam using Machine Learning approach has been presented here. A Morphological Analyzer segments words into morphemes and analyze word formation. Morphemes are smallest meaning bearing units in a language. Morphological Analysis is one of the techniques used in formal reading and writing. Rule based approaches are generally used for building Morphological Analyzer. The disadvantage of using rule based approaches… Expand
Unsupervised acquisition of morphological resources for Ukrainian
The method proposed exploits corpora in order to extract words that are related morphologically between them and indicates their probability to have a morphological and semantic relation between them. Expand
Morphology based prototype statistical machine translation system for English to Tamil language
M morphology based Factored Statistical Machine Translation system (F-SMT) is proposed for translating sentence from English to Tamil and Tamil linguistic tools such as Part-of-Speech Tagger, Morphological Analyzer and Morphological Generator are developed as a part of this research work. Expand
Machine learning approach for correcting preposition errors using SVD features
  • A. Aravind, M. AnandKumar
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI)
  • 2014
Preliminary results show that this novel feature extraction and dimensionality reduction method is the appropriate method for handling preposition errors. Expand
Multilingual Machine Translation with Semantic and Disambiguation
  • M. Meera, P. Sony
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications
  • 2014
The proposed system is a rule based multilingual unidirectional translation system which translates English sentences into corresponding Malayalam and Hindi sentences and can achieve 74% accuracy for both translation. Expand
Factored Statistical Machine Translation System for English to
This paper proposes a morphology based Factored Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) system for translating English language sentences into Tamil language sentences using a novel pre-processing methodology that significantly outperforms the other models and the existing system. Expand
Deep Belief Network Based Part-of-Speech Tagger for Telugu Language
The main aim of this research is to do sequential tagging for Indian languages based on the unsupervised features and distributional information of a word with its neighboring words. Expand
Entity Extraction for Malayalam Social Media Text Using Structured Skip-gram Based Embedding Features from Unlabeled Data
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Systematic review of spell-checkers for highly inflectional languages
How the techniques from the other domains like morphology, part-of-speech, chunking, stemming, hash-table etc. can be used in development of spell-checkers are suggested. Expand
Acquisition non supervisée de ressources morphologiques en ukrainien
La disponibilite de ressources morphologiques est un besoin important et recurrent car elles permettent le developpement des outils et applications de TAL dans une langue. De telles ressourcesExpand
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