Morphologic variability of the mitral valve leaflets.

  title={Morphologic variability of the mitral valve leaflets.},
  author={Agata Krawczyk-Oż{\'o}g and Mateusz Krystian Hołda and Danuta Sorysz and Mateusz Koziej and Zbigniew Siudak and Dariusz Dudek and Wiesława Klimek-Piotrowska},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={154 6},
OBJECTIVES The rapid development of surgical and less-invasive percutaneous mitral valve repair procedures has increased interest in mitral valve anatomy. We characterize the morphologic variability of the mitral valve leaflets and provide the size of their particular parts. METHODS We studied 200 autopsied human hearts from white individuals without any valvar diseases. We measured the intercommissural and aorto-mural diameters of the mitral annulus and identified the leaflets and their… CONTINUE READING