Morphologic features of the ECG for detection of stress-induced ischemia

  title={Morphologic features of the ECG for detection of stress-induced ischemia},
  author={Mariano Llamedo and Juan Pablo Mart{\'i}nez and Mariano Albertal and Daniel Romero and Esther Pueyo and Pablo Laguna},
  journal={Computing in Cardiology 2013},
In this work we evaluated the improvement in the detection of stress induced ischemia achieved by ECG features not commonly measured by cardiologists. We evaluated 927 patients recorded during treadmill exercise SPECT following the Bruce protocol. The patients were labeled in three groups by two experts according to their SPECT images as: no ischemia (Ischemic Miocardium (IM)<; 5%), mild ischemia (5% ≤IM<; 10%) and moderate/severe ischemia (IM≥ 10%). The features studied were grouped as pretest… CONTINUE READING


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