Morphologic evidence for three cell types in the human spiral ganglion.

  title={Morphologic evidence for three cell types in the human spiral ganglion.},
  author={K W Rosbe and Barbara J. Burgess and Robert J Glynn and Joseph B. Nadol},
  journal={Hearing research},
  volume={93 1-2},
Although two types of spiral ganglion cells (large type I and smaller type II) have classically been described by anatomic studies in both animal and human spiral ganglion, there is physiologic and morphologic evidence for subtypes of the large type I ganglion cell. In addition, in the animal and human, a variety of morphologic differences based on cytoplasmic content, myelinization, immunostaining and morphometric analysis have suggested more than one variety of type I ganglion cell. Light and… CONTINUE READING

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