Morphologic Study of Foramen Oval Region on Surgery Approach for Trigeminal Neuralgia

  title={Morphologic Study of Foramen Oval Region on Surgery Approach for Trigeminal Neuralgia},
  author={Bitao Zhu and Huan Wang and Min Liu and K. Cheng and Z. Li and You-qiong Li},
  journal={The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery},
AbstractTrigeminal neuralgia is a complex refractory neurologic disease. The foramen ovale puncture performs an important role in nerve anesthesia, balloon compression, focal gamma radiation, microvascular decompression, and radiofrequency nerve rhizotomy when the drug does not work. In this study, we provide some information about foramen oval region. Measuring the point at the distance of 2 cm beneath the zygomaxillare, which is close to the percutaneous insertion point and the center of… Expand
Percutaneous radiofrequency thermocoagulation for trigeminal neuralgia using neuronavigation-guided puncture from a mandibular angle
CT- and neuronavigation-guided puncture from a mandibular angle through the FO into the Gasserian ganglion can be safely and effectively used to deliver RFT for the treatment of pTN and may represent a viable option to treat TN in addition to Hartel approach. Expand
Tooth-supported personalized template-assisted foramen ovale puncture system for trigeminal neuralgia treatment
The tooth-supported personalized template-assisted foramen ovale puncture system reported in this paper is an exceedingly simple, highly effective and safe FO puncture method that is worth popularizing. Expand
Computed Tomography Imaging Measurement for Safer Cavernous Sinus Biopsy
The results can guide surgeons to avoid damaging internal carotid artery in cavernous sinus biopsy and provide data for safer cavernous Sinus biopsies. Expand


Review of complications due to foramen ovale puncture
Ten dry skulls and 10 skull-base specimens were investigated and the anatomical relationships between the foramen ovale, mandibular nerve and Gasserian ganglion and the surrounding neurovascular structures were investigated intradurally. Expand
Percutaneous trigeminal nerve radiofrequency rhizotomy guided by computerized tomography with three-dimensional image reconstruction.
For percutaneous trigeminalrhizotomy, three-dimensional image reconstruction provides for precise placement of the rhizotomy needle in a safe and timely manner, which improves patient comfort and shortens operative time. Expand
Foramen ovale cannulation guided by intra-operative computed tomography with integrated neuronavigation for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
It is demonstrated that neuronavigation-guided cannulation of the foramen ovale can be executed both quickly and safely on an outpatient basis and provides superior visual-spatial information compared to conventional fluoroscopy. Expand
Neuronavigator-guided percutaneous radiofrequency thermocoagulation in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
3D-CT and electrophysiology Gasser’s ganglion locations can raise the success rate of puncture, enhance the safety and reduce the incidence of complication, showing high academic value and its promising future. Expand
An alternative projection for fluoroscopic-guided needle insertion in the foramen ovale: technical note
Experimentally and clinically, the new projection demonstrated three distinct advantages over the standard submental projection: Firstly, the foramen ovale can be better visualized independent of the patient's position, and secondly, needle correction or insertion can be performed much easier because of the direct fluoroscopic control. Expand
Meningitis after percutaneous radiofrequency trigeminal ganglion lesion. Case report and review of literature.
CASE REPORT A 79-year-old man with severe trigeminal neuralgia presented to the pain clinic, and was offered a radiofrequency trigeminal ganglion lesion. He had only partial response to the firstExpand