Morphogenesis in Selaginella: II. Auxin Transport in the Root (Rhizophore).

  title={Morphogenesis in Selaginella: II. Auxin Transport in the Root (Rhizophore).},
  author={Z. S. Wochok},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={53 5},
The rhizophore of Selaginella willdenovii Baker develops from the ventral angle meristem. The morphological nature of this organ has been in dispute. The purpose of this investigation was to obtain physiological evidence to support the contention that the rhizophore is a root and not a shoot. This was accomplished by studying the movement of (3)H-indoleacetic acid and (14)C-indoleacetic acid in Selaginella rhizophores. In 6-millimeter tissue segments, twice as much radioactivity accumulated in… CONTINUE READING

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