Morphine synergizes with lipopolysaccharide in a chronic endotoxemia model.

  title={Morphine synergizes with lipopolysaccharide in a chronic endotoxemia model.},
  author={Sabita Roy and Richard Charboneau and Roderick A. Barke},
  journal={Journal of neuroimmunology},
  volume={95 1-2},
Emergent or elective surgical procedures may be complicated by sepsis, resulting in critical illness that can lead to organ failure and death. The opioid drug, morphine is widely used to alleviate pain in post-surgical patients; however, it is well documented that chronic treatment of mice with morphine affects the proliferation, differentiation and function of immune cells. Thus, morphine might be expected to exacerbate the effects of sepsis, which also compromises the immune system. To test… CONTINUE READING

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