Morphine-6-glucuronide: an analgesic of the future?

  title={Morphine-6-glucuronide: an analgesic of the future?},
  author={J{\"o}rn L{\"o}tsch and Gerd 7 Geisslinger},
  journal={Clinical pharmacokinetics},
  volume={40 7},
Morphine-6-beta-glucuronide (M6G) is an opioid agonist that plays a role in the clinical effects of morphine. Although M6G probably crosses the blood-brain barrier with difficulty, during long term morphine administration it may reach sufficiently high CNS concentrations to exert clinically relevant opioid effects. As a consequence of its almost exclusive renal elimination, M6G may accumulate in the body of patients with impaired renal function and cause severe opioid adverse effects with… CONTINUE READING

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