MorphiDex (MS:DM) double-blind, multiple-dose studies in chronic pain patients.

  title={MorphiDex (MS:DM) double-blind, multiple-dose studies in chronic pain patients.},
  author={Nathaniel P. Katz},
  journal={Journal of pain and symptom management},
  volume={19 1 Suppl},
Preclinical and double-blind single-dose placebo-controlled studies demonstrated that MorphiDex (MS:DM), a 1:1 ratio of morphine sulfate (MS) to dextromethorphan hydrobromide (DM), provides significantly greater analgesia than an equal dose of immediate release MS, with a faster onset, and a duration of > or = 8 h. The analgesic effect of MS:DM compared to MS was evaluated in 2 double-blind, multiple-dose studies in 321 patients with cancer and other chronic pain: a crossover study that… CONTINUE READING

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