Morpheme Segmentation Gold Standards for Finnish and English


This document describes Hutmegs, the Helsinki University of Technology Morphological Evaluation Gold Standard package, which contains gold-standard morphological segmentations for 1.4 million Finnish and 120 000 English words. The Gold Standards comprise surface-string, or allomorph, segmentations of word forms, as well as deep-level, or morpheme, segmentations of the words. The segmentations have been produced semi-automatically and are based on existing resources: the two-level morphological analyzer for Finnish (FINTWOL) and the English CELEX database. For some cases where the transition between two morphemes does not appear clear-cut, so called “fuzzy morpheme boundaries” have been marked as an option. The Hutmegs package also contains some evaluation scripts allowing the user to compute the accuracy compared to the Gold Standard of a segmentation produced by some morphologylearning algorithm. The use of Hutmegs is free for academic purposes, but in order to access the gold-standard segmentations, inexpensive licenses must be purchased from Lingsoft Inc. (for Finnish) and the Linguistic Data Consortium (for English).

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